August 25, 2019 Jade Maiuri

In one short sentence:
SEO assists your clients and customers to find your business through their online search engine (Eg. Google, Yahoo!, Bing).

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”, which is a process of optimising your website to generate unpaid traffic through a search engine (google, yahoo!, Bing). Correct SEO assists your website to be found in search engines by your customers for words and phrases relevant to what your business/website is offering, that they are searching for. Eg. “Why is having a website important?”

SEO also helps search engines find your website, and assists in making your site more visible and transparent. Search engines will scan through your website to find relevant keywords and phrases and also assess the readability of your website. Improving your SEO will help make sure your website ranks high in search engines, as a result, gaining more organic, unpaid quality traffic to your website.

When thinking SEO, think CONTENT..

Creating quality content that is designed both for the search engines and for your customers, will help your website rank higher. Creating content that contains relevant keywords and phrases that your customers are searching, can be done through various content pieces such as:

– Blog Posts
– Social Media
– Informational articles
– Videos

At Kota Digital, your success is our goal. Below are just some of the areas we focus on to help improve your SEO and to help your business reach a #1 ranking.
– Create a powerful digital marketing strategy
– Work on website speed
– Optimise your website visibility on all devices (Eg. Phone, Tablet)
– Ensure your website is user-friendly
– Create relevant / engaging content
– Establish keywords
– Create relevant links within content

We know exactly what search engines look for to gain you credible, organic listings. When the search engines trust your website, people trust your website, let us help you with that!